Below you will find some testimonials from people who have used our services:

For the last year I have been involved with a young woman from Gateshead who we placed and presently resides in a residential young people’s unit in Cheshire. She has been supported during this time by staff from Care in Mind. Their support to this young person has been invaluable. They have been the instigators of enabling her to work towards independent community living.

Their structured care planning has meant the client has a smooth transition from her residential placement to a therapeutically supported community setting, in this case a flat in the Macclesfield area.

The young person has spoken to me about the support Care In Mind have afforded her and she speaks very highly of all staff members who are involved in her care.

Personally I have found the staff to be professional, conscientious and competent. They have always effectively communicated with me on a regular basis. They have an empathic client centred approach to their work. They promote good working relationships with the services who have commissioned them.

I have certainly been really impressed with the high quality of intervention from their service and would certainly recommend them in the future.

Pam Lockie
Lead Practitioner – Adult Mental Health Social Care Team


I am happy to write about our experience of working with Care In Mind. We have worked with them to support two young people to date.

On both occasions we have found them to be highly professional, knowledgeable and very supportive of the residential team. Working with Care In Mind has enabled us to offer a comprehensive level of mental health support to young people with complex mental health needs. For our young people it ensures a custom made support package that can respond quickly to changes in their needs and so can increase placement stability.

Care In Mind have provided assessments and therapeutic packages to help the young people manage their mental health needs and have provided our team with support and guidance to give them the confidence to work with this group of young people.

The flexibility and responsiveness of the package Care In Mind offers is second to none. It offers a level of support that helps staff to feel confident that they can manage difficult situations, knowing advice is always to hand. This includes individual and team staff support and training and a 24 hour telephone support service. We have found everyone in the Care In Mind team to be approachable which is important for staff seeking advice particularly outside normal working hours.

Marilyn Mayer
Director – Roundhouse Care


I manage a four bedded therapeutic unit (ages 6 – 18). The children and young people we work with are troubled and vulnerable and present a range of difficulties, and are frequently in the clinical population. I have worked with the team at Care In Mind for four years.

Throughout this period I and my team have found Care In Mind’s input and support invaluable. They have contributed to the daily process of working for recovery and supported young people and their carers at times of crisis. In doing this they have managed the difficult balancing act of bringing clinical insight and intervention into our social and relational approach in a way that has enhanced both.

This has promoted positive outcomes for young people in our care and allowed recovery from a range of self-damaging behaviours. The Care In Mind team have also contributed to the ongoing professional development of our social care workforce through respectful joint working.

Chris Taylor
Registered Manager – Residential Children’s Home


I have regular Psychology sessions which involve a lot of hard work from me and from Care In Mind. During these sessions we work on past trauma, good parts of my past and also looking to the future.

I have regular sessions with my Care Coordinator which involves a lot of different things like reflection work, relationship work, alcohol work, self-esteem and lots more. Reflection work includes working on good things that I have done like gone a full day without incidents and also other things like reflecting on incidents that have occurred.

Alcohol work can include doing things like quizzes, little tasks like making posters and talking about alcohol and how it’s bad for you. Self-esteem can include things like making a positive box where people can write nice things about you which can increase the way you think about yourself.

How has Care In Mind helped me?

  • They have made me feel more safe
  • They have given me good guidance throughout my sessions
  • They have helped me through several problems
  • They have helped me keep my placement
  • They have helped me with coping techniques
  • They have helped me look towards my future
  • They are ALWAYS there when I need them

Care In Mind is good because they are nothing to do with the placement you’re in whether its hospital / rehabilitation unit / self- accommodated flat etc. so you can talk about whatever is on your mind. Unless you are at risk or if others are at risk that’s the only way that confidentiality is broken.
During my time with Care In Mind they have helped me overcome a lot of barriers, they have been a great help and I am sure that they will help others that are in need. I am grateful that Care In Mind have been involved with me and I hope others are grateful to get the help too.

Young Person
Aged 19