Leaving Care Service

Semi-independent Living Programmes in Individual Tenancies

Key Benefits

  • Bespoke support packages dependent on a client’s needs
  • Gradually reducing levels of support to promote independence
  • Multidisciplinary mental health interventions

Service Overview

Care In Mind provide intensive mental health support packages into independent living settings for young people, particularly those leaving care with ongoing mental health / emotional issues,  in order to promote their independence whilst supporting their complex  needs.

Service Description

Some young people or young adults with mental health issues may be ready to live semi-independently in their own tenancy, but only if this is supplemented by a robust package of support from a specialist mental health team. Such young people may be stepping down from residential care, inpatient or secure settings, or they may be moving out of a family context that is not able to provide for their needs.

We can support young people and young adults with a wide range of mental health needs and complexities including personality difficulties, self-harm, eating disorders, psychotic illnesses, social vulnerabilities and those with learning disabilities or autistic spectrum disorder.

At the point of referral we will engage the client in helping us to scope their residential needs, after which we will support them  to identify an appropriate tenancy from our list of sympathetic landlords, local authority or housing association accommodation.

We would also put together an assessment of their mental health needs and the initial level of support required, which would often be based around daily support from our specialist therapeutic support workers and supplemented with input from our specialist mental health team. We will always ‘go the extra mile’ to support our clients and try to manage crises and difficulties early so as to maintain the placement. Our therapeutic support workers are able to offer 24/7 on-call support to service users with the back up of the specialist MDT, as often they may struggle more during evenings and weekends.

All packages will include care co-ordination and support of the therapeutic support workers by one of our Clinical Nurse Specialists, who are all RMN trained senior nurses. In addition to this, we are able to provide a range of therapeutic interventions including Occupational Therapy, Clinical Psychology and Family Therapy. We can also provide overview of the case from a Consultant Psychiatrist, particularly where a client is placed under a Community Treatment Order or where they have a need for close monitoring of their medication. We are always willing to look at sharing clinical responsibilities and roles with community mental health teams where they are able to provide part, but not all, of a mental health support package.

Our aim is always to promote independence, and we will develop a plan from the beginning of the placement that the level of support will be gradually reduced where possible over time, with the goal being that a client can move to full independence, with the sole support of local statutory services.