CAMHS for Residential Schools

Key Benefits

  • Individualised client-centred approach to care planning
  • Multidisciplinary assessments and interventions
  • Indirect work with the school staff team to support day-to-day management of difficult behaviours and presentations
  • Support with crisis management

Service Overview

  • Comprehensive risk assessment and support in development of management plans
  • Consultant Psychiatrist assessments and reviews and medication management
  • Psychometric Assessments by skilled Clinical Psychologists
  • Staff Support Groups to foster Reflective Practice in staff teams
  • Debriefs after significant incidents
  • Regular case consultation with Clinical Nurse Specialists for the staff team about difficult cases

Service Description

Residential schools often struggle to access adequate mental health input for young people in their care who may have complex mental health difficulties and may pose significant risks to self or others or have major vulnerabilities.

We can provide a full CAMHS support package for residential schools based on our expertise in working with severe and complex presentations.

Our initial approach would be to meet with the Senior Management team in the school to understand the nature of the pupils’ needs and the type of service that the school would find most helpful.  We will then develop a bespoke CAMHS package of support that aims to meet the clinical needs of the pupils alongside the needs of the staff team for consultation and support.

Our Consultant Psychiatrist will undertake comprehensive assessments of a young people’s mental health needs. This may identify further needs for specialist psychometric assessments that can then be undertaken by our Clinical Psychologist.  Diagnosis may lead to the prescription of medication or advice as to the therapeutic needs of the young person, which may be able to be met by our team.  Consultant reviews will then take place regularly to monitor progress.

Our Clinical Nurse Specialists can provide regular Consultation sessions for school staff to provide advice and support on the management of complex young people as well as Debrief sessions after any serious risk incidents and Staff Support groups for staff to foster a culture of reflective practice and increased understanding of Mental Health issues by the staff team.

We will always aim to work collaboratively with existing services providing input into the school as well as external agencies, including local Tier 3 CAMHS teams and General Practitioners.

Care in Mind works closely with the residential care team so as to build up skills within residential care workers to help them care effectively and consistently for this challenging group of young people. We contribute to jointly produced risk assessments and management plans and placement plans, always including input from the young person and family where appropriate.

Care In Mind takes responsibility for co-ordinating enhanced CPA for its clients in close collaboration with local agencies and commissioners and convenes regular CPA meetings to review progress, at which multidisciplinary reports of progress will be provided.