Forensic Assessments

CAFAS are able to provide swift and expert forensic assessments for children, adolescents and young adults up to the age of 25 years. These are carried out by experienced Consultant Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists and Clinical Nurse Specialists. Assessments will incorporate the use of validated risk tools such as the SAVRY where indicated. Reports can be provided for both clinical and medicolegal purposes and we will also make recommendations for on-going intervention and support.

Forensic Assessments

Care In Mind Adolescent Forensic Assessment Service (CAFAS)

Key Benefits

  • Assessments can be provided at short notice
  • Comprehensive assessment by experienced and senior clinicians
  • Validated tools such as SAVRY will be incorporated into reports
  • Clinical and court reports available
  • Recommendations for ongoing intervention and support

Service Overview

  • Consultant Psychiatrist
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Assessments offered for children, adolescents and young adults up to the age of 25

Service Description

CAMHS and CMHTs, as well as social workers and residential care providers, are often challenged by clients who pose significant risks toward others. In such cases, it is often helpful to seek a second opinion from a specialist service, in order to receive a detailed assessment of forensic risks to ensure that all relevant factors have been taken into account and that additional advice and support in regard to management plans can be provided. The Courts and solicitors also often require reports to inform the court process.

Teams often require such Forensic Assessments at short notice due to escalations in risk. However, many forensic assessment services can have long waiting lists for assessment. CAFAS can offer assessments by senior members of our team at short notice.

Some forensic assessment services provide reports completed by relatively junior members of staff that can be of limited value. Our assessments will be provided by highly experienced clinicians, always including a Consultant Psychiatrist or Clinical Psychologist.

The process of assessment will begin with a senior mental health nurse meeting the referrer and outlining the process that will be followed. Comprehensive information gathering and fact finding will then begin, including interviews with the young person, the team that young person currently works with and other significant individuals. There will also be thorough reviews of historical notes and documentation.

At this point, the CAFAS team will discuss the case and arrange any further specialist assessments required, such as detailed personality inventories, neuropsychological assessments, violence or sexual offending risk tools, assessments of mental capacity etc. These will be arranged with appropriately qualified colleagues.

Finally, a Consultant Psychiatrist or Clinical Psychologist will assess the young person, undertaking more than one interview if necessary. A full report will then be compiled from all the information collected. If necessary, further consultation meetings can be arranged with professionals, solicitors etc. and our team are also available to attend Court to give evidence as required.

We are also able to support your team with ongoing management of the case. This could involve regular supervision or consultation sessions for professionals. For higher risk cases needing more intensive support, we can offer 24/7 mental health support packages into a residential or supported living setting.