Meet The Team

David Kingsley

Dr David Kingsley
Consultant Psychiatrist and Managing Director

David has over ten years experience as a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist working in Tier 4 specialist services. He has developed an expertise in working with the most severe and challenging presentations in inpatient settings. Since 2008 he has led the team at Woodlands Low Secure Unit at Cheadle Royal Hospital, a national service offering planned treatment admissions for young people with complex needs, often presenting high levels of deliberate self-harm. In 2009 Woodlands was the first independent sector or adolescent service to win the NAPICU Team of the Year Award.

In 2008, David developed Care in Mind in response to the difficulties he was experiencing in finding appropriately supported community mental health packages that could meet the discharge needs of young people with complex needs in inpatient care. He recognised that often an inpatient episode is only successful if an adequate package of support is in place on discharge and that this often requires a level of intensity of intervention unavailable from stretched Tier 3 CAMHS services and adult CMHTs.

David has a particular interest in Attachment Disorders, Self-Harm and emerging Personality Disorders and complex Eating Disorders, as well as in neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD and Autistic Spectrum Conditions. He is trained in ADOS assessment. He also has expertise in the psychological effects of trauma, including simple and complex PTSD and Adjustment Disorders.

In addition to David’s clinical work, he also has an interest in research and training and is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Chester. He is a regular contributor in national and regional broadcast and print media, on issues relating to child mental health, particularly deliberate self-harm. He is also national Clinical Director for Priory Group CAMHS services.

Sharron Amri

Sharron Amri
Service Manager

Sharron has 28 years’ experience of working in mental health, caring for patients across the age range in both open and secure inpatient settings and in the community. In recent years she has specialised in adolescent mental health nursing and has worked with the most risky and poorly young people.

Sharron has been involved from the beginning in the development of Care in Mind and has enjoyed developing partnerships with providers and commissioners and working closely with them to support young people to achieve their potential and move successfully toward their goals.

As Service Manager, Sharron’s takes overall responsibility for the range of services offered by Care in Mind.

Sharron also takes a lead for our training arm and designs and delivers bespoke training packages to staff teams in school settings and residential homes to enable staff to better meet the mental health needs of the young people in their care.

Rebecca Manock

Rebecca Manock
Clinical Services Manager

As Clinical Services Manager, Rebecca leads the clinical team and co-ordinates the packages of care provided to all the young people in our care. She takes a key role in the development of staff, both within Care in Mind and also in the residential teams alongside whom we work.

She also takes a lead in co-ordinating referrals, ensuring that, from the moment of referral, the journey of care for a young person is smooth and co-ordinated. This involves working closely with locality CAMHS teams, CMHTs and social workers and with teams in inpatient and secure settings to collate information, arrange assessments and introductions to our service for a young person and to develop personalised care plans and packages of intervention.

Rebecca started her career as a support worker in a medium secure unit, working primarily with both hearing and deaf offenders with a diagnosis of a Personality Disorder. This motivated her to commence her nurse training, after which she worked in a child and adolescent low secure service with girls with emergent Personality Disorder and a range of complex needs, before joining the Care in Mind team.

Rachel Scullion

Dr Rachel Scullion
Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Therapies Lead

Rachel takes a lead for the psychological interventions provided by Care in Mind. She specialises in working with adolescents and adults with severe and enduring mental health needs, predominantly working with people with complex trauma and Personality Disorders. In her direct clinical work she utilises a number of therapeutic approaches in formulating and delivering comprehensive interventions, including Schema Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Cognitive Analytic Therapy and Systemic approaches. She works with clients both on an individual basis and within the context of group therapy.

Rachel’s work also includes indirect working with families, systems and agencies around a client where their clinical and risk needs are managed within the community, based on psychologically underpinned care plans. She offers supervision to both psychologists and other professionals, and also provides consultation to help to support and develop other professionals’ skills in working with complex clients and the development of a psychological framework for understanding their presentation. Additional roles include staff training, research and audit to inform practice and service development.

Rebecca Clifford-Ball

Dr Rebecca Clifford-Ball
Clinical Psychologist

Rebecca has specialised in working with adults and young people with a range of severe and enduring mental health difficulties. She currently works with young people and young adults who have suffered complex trauma and have attachment difficulties, amongst other associated mental health problems.

She provides therapy to individuals on a one- to-one basis but also works where required with an individual’s family, residential placement, local mental health team or hospital team as she believes this often helps the individual more.

In addition to providing therapeutic work, Rebecca is active in research into the evidence base of psychological therapies. Within the clinical team, she takes an active role in risk formulation, risk management and she seeks to empower and skill a person to manage their risk.

Rebecca also conducts neuropsychological assessments where appropriate in order to help establish a person’s cognitive ability. Her aim is to help the individual, and those who care for them, to have an improved understanding as well as new strategies that they can use, to help improve their psychological and overall wellbeing.

Matthew Adam

Matthew Adam
Family Therapist

Before qualifying as a Systemic Psychotherapist in 2008, Matthew qualified with a Master of Social Work in the United States of America. He moved to the UK in 2002 and has since worked in adult mental health teams, statutory Social Care, community Child and Adolescent Mental Health services (CAMHS) and child and adolescent inpatient hospitals for the treatment of severe and enduring mental health issues. Matthew works with Care in Mind to offer young people and their families a space where they can think together about the difficulties they face and work towards creating solutions that will help them in the future.

Alison Steele

Alison Steele
Medical Secretary

Alison is the ‘hub’ of Care in Mind and keeps the wheels turning smoothly at all times. She worked as a secretary and in various administrative roles over more years than she would like to admit before securing the post of secretary to Dr David Kingsley in 2008 within an inpatient mental health service and also in a private capacity transcribing medicolegal reports on his behalf.

Alison now manages Dr Kingsley’s clinical and medicolegal work at Care in Mind as well as providing secretarial support to the whole clinical team and co-ordinating the new Child and Adolescent Medicolegal Service. Alison claims that she finds her job “very interesting and fulfilling”. Dr Kingsley says that all he knows is that without Alison to manage his diary he would have no chance whatsoever of being in the right place at the right time.

Karla Holland

Karla Doherty
HR Administrator

Karla has worked in various administrative roles over the past 10 years. This is the first time that she has worked in mental health. Whilst a new experience, she says that she is really enjoying the challenges and learning more about mental health. One aspect of her job that she really enjoys is the direct contact she has with the young people, their carers and families when they attend therapy. Karla says, “Care in Mind is a happy place to work with staff that really care about the young people”.