About Us

Care in Mind are different – in fact we believe we are unique!

We are a CQC registered comprehensive multidisciplinary mental health team with expertise in managing high levels of complexity in community settings, particularly in residential care homes.

Many providers claim to offer ‘therapeutic’ placements that can work with clients with mental health risks.  However, placements often break down because the actual level of support and expertise provided is lacking.  At Care in Mind, we believe we offer an unrivalled intensity of intervention, which is provided 24/7 and which is overseen by our Consultant Psychiatrist who takes responsibility for the carefully planned and supported therapeutic risk-taking approach that underpins our model.

Let us give you an example of the way that we work in crisis to support and sustain placements for our clients:

A young person in one of our children’s homes seriously self-harms at 2am.  The residential care worker on shift lacks confidence about the risk and calls our Care in Mind on-call team member  who provides advice and support to help them to manage the situation calmly and safely.  The young person is taken to Accident and Emergency. The on-call psychiatrist at the hospital is minded to admit the young person, but is able to speak to CiM and is reassured that there is a care plan in place to manage this risk, that there is a Consultant Psychiatrist taking clinical responsibility and that the young person will be reviewed the next day by our team.  An admission is averted.  The young person is seen the next day, the risk is deemed manageable and risk assessments and risk management plans are amended. Team discussions take place with the CiM clinical psychologist who provides advice to the residential team about potential triggers and early warning signs. The Consultant Psychiatrist agrees to some swift medication changes that are immediately faxed to the GP so that the new medication can begin on the following day. A debrief and training session is arranged by CiM for the residential team around the specific circumstances of the risk so as to help it to be more confidently managed on the next occasion.

Our success in such situations is due to our flexibility (24/7 on-call and in-reach appointments in the home as required), robust risk management led by our Consultant Psychiatrist, our intensive engagement in consultation and training with residential teams and the skilled therapeutic interventions provided by our Clinical Nurse Specialists, Clinical Psychologists and Family Therapists.

As well as providing intensive packages into residential care, we also offer bespoke packages of care in individual tenancies. In such a context, we can develop reducing packages of rehabilitation support for needy young people who need time to develop the skills to manage independently, often those who are leaving care.

Especially in current times, locality mental health teams often lack the specialist skills and/or resources to be able to offer such intense packages, which may contribute  to failed discharges and placement breakdowns.

Our team all have specialist experience of complex young people and adults in both inpatient and outpatient settings. They have a wide range of skills and expertise to meet all the needs we meet across a wide range of presentations, including:

  • Simple and Complex PTSD, Emergent Personality Disorder and Deliberate Self-Harm
  • Psychotic Illnesses
  • Developmental Disorders such as Autistic Spectrum Disorders and ADHD
  • Mood and Anxiety Disorders
  • Eating Disorders